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Size Guide

Extra Large

8'x10' / 305x245 cm and up


6'x9' to 8'x10'
275x185 cm to 305x245 cm


5'x7' to 6'x'9'
215x155 cm to 275x185 cm


4'x6' / 185x125 cm and under


Varied sizes

Size Conversion Chart

3’x5' / 95x155 cm

3’x9’ / 95x275 cm

3’x12’ / 95x365 cm

4’x6’ / 125x185 cm

4’x15’ / 125x460 cm

5'x 7’ / 155x215 cm

6’x9’ / 185x275 cm

8’x10’ / 245x305 cm

9’x12’ / 275x370 cm

10’x14’ / 305x430 cm

12’x15’ / 370x460 cm