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Triângulos Bege

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The rug is custom made just for you

Beni Mrirt rugs are made of 100% soft and tender highest quality sheep wool, which is carefully gathered and taken care of.

Each rug is custom made just for you. Amazing Beni Mrirt rug is woven entirely by hand and then washed and dried in the mountain air. Lead times are in the range of 12-16 weeks. Rugs 9'x12' and larger could require additional lead time.

All orders are final and we cannot accept returns. Please ensure all measurements, colors, and design are correct before submitting your order.

After placing an order, you have until 7:00 PM GMT (7:00 PM ET for USA) the following day to cancel and get your money back.

Please, check our FAQ here.

The easiest way to do clean your rug is to clean the rug on a weekly basis with a canister vacuum side to side (not end-to-end) with the beater bar on the highest setting. If you need to spot clean your rug, do so with warm water and just a little detergent. Wool naturally repels liquids at first contact so treat it quickly with a dry cloth and follow up with water and detergent and you should be fine.

Customized by you

We exclusively create custom individual rugs for you. This means that we do not produce unnecessary items and we prioritize respecting nature. That's why we estimate it will take us around 12-16 weeks to create your rug.

About collection

At Nomad Chic, we proudly present this exquisite collection as a love letter to two countries that have captured our hearts. Drawing from the richness of European culture and the diverse traditions of North Africa, we have seamlessly fused the two continents to create a stunning ensemble of design and craft. Feast your eyes on our exceptional rugs, handcrafted with the traditional Berber technique and adorned with inspired embellishments that pay homage to the renowned Portuguese Calçada paving stones. Join us in reveling in the beauty of this collection.


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